All this and cake too!

I have just been attending a 90th birthday suprise party. Lots of fun! Birthday Boy didn’t have an idea, and looked absolutely delighted. And there was cake!

There were various groups of people, from various parts of his life; family, church, scouts, and some I couldn’t identify. It felt like all the nicest bits of a funeral gathering, without the sadness….watching people get together and say “How do you know Birthday Boy” – and telling stories. There was also the meeting of people who haven’t been in the same room for many years, and sharing updates.And there was a board with photos and articles and all sorts of memorabilia. There was thanking, and remembering and celebrating. There were wide-eyed chidlren, discovering the bigger story of people they thought they knew. There were babies, having their photos taken with grandparents, great-grandparents and people who had known their parents as tinies. And cake.

All too often, this only happens at funerals. Today, it was lovely to do it with Birthday Boy there.

I was given a suprise party once, and never want another. But I would love the chance to give thanks the way Birthday Boy did to all the people who have mattered. And to share the cake!


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