The difference between stopping and finishing

I have a piece of writing to do at the moment. It’s not of the sort that I have done for a while, and so it brings a certain amount of “unknowingness” with it. I have a deadline appraching (rapidly) and a word limit.

I am enjoying doing it very much – I love the reading and the thinking and the putting of ideas together and making connections. And its going pretty well; I think I am producing good work. The problem is I keep reading and having more ideas, and so I keep finding more to write and I keep having more ideas…. you get the idea!

So, today, I came to the conclusion that I am just going to have to stop. I will not “finish” it, if by that I mean actually say all I have to say on this topic and cover all the interesting areas, and make sure I have read all that has been written about it (and, if I am honest, show off!)

I only have 4000 words, and I am already up to 5000 and haven’t nearly finished. So, I need to stop (and to do some trimming).

Stopping and finishing. Two different things. And telling the difference matters. As does finding the courage to know that, in much of my life and activity, finishing is never really an option. But stopping is sometimes a necessity.

This makes 100 blog posts.

I am not about to stop or finish. I think it is helping me learn to think a little more clearly. The moment to stop, take an event or experience and reflect on it, however confusedly, is, for me worthwhile – this far at least. And if you have been – thanks for reading 🙂


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