It’s been a busy few days; assembly, a day at the Christian Resources Exhibition, and in between that a day of intense meetings.

All good, as my former colleague from the US would say. But – in a very particular way – demanding. Folloiwng on from the special week at the NEBWIM conference lasg week, it has all been pretty intense. And full of people.

So, I have done what I often do when I am peopled-out. I’ve lost my voice! Actually, this time, that’s not strictly true. This time, I have developed a cough which threatens to overwhelm me every time I speak. And in order to avoid that rather undignified process, I have spent today on my own, reading (with great enjoyment), writing (unsuccessfully), and rejoicing deeply in the fact that, what with twitter, text, email and facebook, I have still been able to be in touch with folk. But on my own terms, and at my own pace.

Selfish – or self-care? I’m never quite sure. But I do know that not coughing all over everybody is care for the other so that justification will do. Tomorrow, I go back out into the world. But today, I have appreciated just being quiet.


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