Today’s life lesson

Well, today, I have discovered something about physics, electronics and computers; “baptising” a keyboard in coffee by total immersion does not improves its performance.

Indeed, it appears to kill it!

At least, I hope that is what it is…otherwise there is something very seriously wrong with my computer, and that is a scary thought. I am deeply grateful for a laptop, but not having access to my pc at work is a bit of a pain. Various documents there need to be accessed, and I simply can’t get at them. We have changed the keyboard and it still doesn’t work. But it is clearly a keyboard problem.

Various things occur to me as a result. Like, just how dependent I am on technology – that I do not understand. That’s a somewhat worrying position. Though it is only analogous to my relationship to my car, my tv, my mobile, my washing machine. So instead of bemoaning my incapacity, I will rejoice that there are people who do understand, and can help!

And I think about how a very quick and clumsy accident has made life really rather complicated today. A very sudden and seemingly trivial movement spilled the coffee and chaos ensues (well, not chaos, but minor disruption). How often do my seemingly trivial actions, even thoughts, have much larger impacts than I expect. Again, I am going to choose not to worry about this, but rather to be glad that sometimes small things that seem unimportant can be important in making the world a better place.

And finally (for this post) the recognition that baptism and death belong together; now there’s a whole book to write. But as I work together with colleague in baptismal preparation, it is good to be aware of what that might mean. And during Lent, it is helpful to think about the impact of my own baptism in how I pursue discipleship.

None of which is mending my computer. But at least I have done something positive with it! 🙂


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