Longer days

It is definitely beginning to feel lighter (look lighter?) When I walk in in the morning, it is not so dark. And as I sit here now looking out the window, it is definitely not as dark as it was this time last week.

The fact that it is not raining does help, true, but we are getting to the point of the year when as Beloved Other puts it “the days are fair drawing out” (He says it every year – often! We sometimes discuss the frequency 🙂 )

The rediscovery of the light is wonderful! I find the darkness of winter overwhelming.

But that brings me to the thought that it is never really dark round this way; street lights, car lights, lights from people’s windows means the streets are never dark. And in my own home, I can put on light at any moment I need it. Indeed, finding enough darkness to sleep can be hard.

“Light pollution” I know is an issue – I was well trained by an astronomer (!) The preservation of places where there are dark skies is an important form of keeping us in touch with our environment.

In fact, I am quite reassured to notice that, even with all that “unnatural” light around me, I do notice the changes in the year. It is possible in the middle of this huge city to feel that the natural world is far away. But it turns out, it is still there, and we can still be aware of it. Paying attention to that, letting it root me in the here and now, and enjoying it is a gift to treasure.


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