Do I fit? Do I want to?

I am watching tv this evening; it means I am actually at home, with nothing I “need” to do, and time to have a quiet space with Beloved Other. I am enjoying the programme. But it just got interrupted by the adverts – most of which I have simply ignored. Except for one. I have just seen an advert for “the military watch collection.”

Really, truly.

Apparently, I can now buy a collection of watches – because, clearly one watch is not enough! – based on the models used in the three armed forces.


Seriously – why? Why do I need more than one? Well, ok, I can imagine needing a daily one and a dressy one. But even if I can think of a reason for two – why a “collection” – and why military?

I was having a conversation with colleagues about personality types this afternoon. It got very giggly, especially as according to one of the personality typing models we were looking at – one that we actually find quite useful as a tool for making sense of some of our differences and strengths – described two of us “frequently feeling that they have come from another planet, and don’t know how to fit in to this one”. And it’s true, occasionally I feel (as most of us do) feel as if I don’t fit.

And the idea that I can buy a collection of military style watches almost convinces me I am right to feel so odd.

I would love to know it’s not just me…..

Maybe the fact that I have not actually owned or worn a watch since my teens has something to do with my confusion?



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