Fashion Questions

So, it’s London Fashion Week – and all around here (and on a couple of occasions, within here) there are amazing looking people wearing stunning, and sometimes strange clothes. I am wide-eyed and awe-struck.

But the question pertaining to fashion that is rattling round my brain is quite simple; when did dogs start wearing coats?

Or, even more to the point – why are dogs wearing coats?

Because they are! Almost half the dogs I see as I walk to work or home again, or when I go for a walk in the park, are wearing coats. Some of them are wearing smart little coats that cover their front legs and their backs, often in primary colours. But a scary number are wearing knitted ones, quilted ones, even furry ones. And I swear that I saw a dog in a track suit covering both back and front legs – and with a number on his back! (And I swear he looked embarrassed and hid his face :))

When I walked a dog on a regular basis (more ghosts!) it never occurred to me, or the rest of my family, that this dog – or these dogs – needed to wear more than their skins. When I worried about dogs running through nettles, I was firmly and unsentimentally informed by my mother that a dog’s coat was perfectly able to protect him from the stings.  I get that for small dogs, or elderly dogs who move very slowly, there might be a reason. But what I am seeing looks more like a fashion statement, to me at least.

And I am not convinced.

And quite a lot of the dogs I see don’t look convinced either. (Though that might JUST be projection on my part!)

And I am not convinced.


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