Busy streets

OK, so I know it’s a first world problem, and doesn’t affect the rest of the country, but we are living with a Tube strike, here in the Big Smoke. 3.5m people who use the Tube each morning are travelling some other way; bus, bike, car – or on foot!

The streets are soooooo busy.

I walk a lot – indeed, I go weeks without using public transport and walk to and from most places I need to go. It suits me, gives me time to think, and deludes me into thinking I am keeping fit.

And this morning I realised how much I resented the people who are normally use the Tube daring to wlak on “my” streets! Well, resented is a bit strong, I guess.

But it is quite weird suddenly to sharing my space with so many more people. And it is not comfortable. Especially first thing in the morning.

A good thing to notice – how much I dislike other people being in space I have designated “mine”. And I wonder how often I do it in other contexts. And how defensive – read “spiky” – I might be. And how much more fun life might be if I welcome people in.


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