Miniature Playtime

Today is still a day off, so I thought I would think about what else I do when I am playing. I am making a dolls house. I have been working on it for about two years now, and it give me unbelievable delight.

It was something I had long wanted to do, but couldn’t “justify”. And then one day I saw a relatively small kit in a sale and though “why not?” So, I bought the kit, gradually put it together, painted it, and since then have carpeted, curtained and furnished it. I have made curtains and bedclothes, put together kits to make books and chairs, and invented ways of adapting drinking straws  to create a desk-tidy.

I didn’t know I had it in me.

And even more, I didn’t know that it would give me so much pleasure. Over the months, I have realised that the pleasure isderinved  from the fact that this is completely pointless apart from itself. I won’t show this off, I want “do” anything with it, nobody benefits from what I am doing, and it is certainly not for profit. That makes it only about fun. And if nobody else cares or approves, it doesn’t matter.

That makes it very unusual in my life. For that reason I love it. And I want more of this kind of freedom. As a way of exploring that, I will try and write more about this – and the next one I am planning. Not to ask others to approve or judge – but to remind myself that playing is properly childlike, and therefore a Good Thing!


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