Poetry time

Somewhere, though I now can’t find it,  I saw something about today being the day to flood social media with poetry. It had already been in my mind that since today is a day off, I would do what I do on days off, and read poetry, and perhaps post a favourite.

So here it is – or here is one of them. I get very homesick sometimes. This both helps me feel better, and reinforces the missing….

Edinburgh Skyline; Douglas Dunn

City of stiff men: your skylines are not

Inhibited. Nibbling gorgeous Aurora,

The crow-stepping with dragon tips meets a cornice

Skirting in Flemish curves to jam fat rolls.

And even this oven warm baker’s window

(What a moulding!) says MORNING ROLLS HERE

I well believe it – wearing surely her wrap-

Around dress, but not too far. She leans

Over to serve the immediately half-awake,

Or sun diffracts though glass and lace, reflects

On glossy buns in crackling hot beds

Of percale paper. The sign calls for more

Than window shopping: stand at the counter

Firmly: “One morning please, tightly rolled.”



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