Fortitude next door

My study in church is on a corridor on the top floor. At the end of corridor is one of the rooms we rent out, and is often used for auditions and small meetings for production companies. Since we don’t really have a “waiting area” on this floor, people end up on chairs or the floor outside my study. This can be quite fun! I n order to identify what they are waiting for, there is a small whiteboard above where the chairs are set out, and the name of whatever is going on is often written there.

Today, it said “Fortitude; next door”

It’s been a tough day – one of those days when we set out to help people, but actually can’t. I definitely feel like I am living next door to fortitude, not in fortitude, or with fortitude. I can see it, I know it is there – but it feels just out of reach, round the corner, pointed to, but not present.

But I do see it around me. I see it in some of the people who come into the building, dealing with huge issues and sometimes (not always, bt often enough) with great humour and, yes, fortitude.

I see it in folk who keep the building working, sustaining what can be a very demanding voluntary programme often with amazing humour and delight.

I see it in some whose stories I am privileged to hear, as they tell me of pain and struggle and determination.

So, I know that fortitude is next door. And that’s near enough; it keeps me encouraged, and gives me confidence to keep going, even when some days are like bits of today. It’s good to be reminded.

And just for the record, that sign is not my favourite. This is my favourite…

2012-06-19 12.15.01

I waited all day, but he didn’t come!


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