Learning to think

It has been a remarkably long time, but it was probably inevitable that I would start a blog.

I already write (reasonably) regularly for our church blog(http://bloomsbury.org.uk/blog/) and discovered that I liked it. Which is hardly surprising, since I think best by writing. And since this learning to think is one of the things I aspire to, this seems a way to do it.

I am married to an amazing man known in cyberworld as the Beloved Other. I tweet as bloomsburyruth and also care for bloomcentral and bloomsburypraye. I like twitter!

Currently, I am co-minister of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, in London, which is an stimulating place to be.  I love to visit theatre and read novels. I have studied English, Linguistics and Theology, and have a PhD which was  research into radical reformation.Anabaptism is a deeply important part of my theological identity.

I find much of life bewildering, but on a good day, rather fun. I am deeply deeply grateful for the people who love me and bear with me.


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